Case Studies

Case Studies

The diamond industry worldwide is on a threshold of a virtual revolution. There is a great paradox emerging in the fortunes of the industry: on one hand, the business is getting increasingly complex, competition is intensifying, threats have emerged on the cultured diamonds front and supplies are under constrains. On the other hand, immense opportunities are emerging, especially in downstream, viz. jewelry marketing and branded products, where there is enormous scope for value addition.

In this tug of war between threats and opportunities, many firms may go out of business and those who shall survive shall emerge stronger. The firms shall require more than resources and luck to remain successful. They shall be required to constantly sharpen their competitive edge.

There was a time when physical infrastructure and manufacturing strengths were huge competitive advantages. However, over time, every firm has more or less acquired similar strengths. The focus has now shifted to marketing and distribution strengths. However, given the importance attached to developing these strengths and the investment that have gone into the same, it is just a matter of time when many firms emerge at par.

The next big competitive edge shall come from information technology. Companies shall be recognized not by its intelligence quotient but its information quotient. Real time supply chain and logistic management, business intelligence, pipelines inventory tracking systems, decision support systems and other cutting edge technology solutions shall change the way in which the business is done. Technology shall redefine process and structures.

However, creating this edge is not easy. There are no smooth roads, no set standards and no blue prints to follow. Thinking, rethinking, researching, engineering and re-engineering becomes the tools for change. Trials and errors would normally determine the fate of any technology initiative. Information is lost in the huge debris of data. After immense efforts and huge sums of money spent on in house information technology drives, it is felt that the outcome is a cropper.

This is where Lemon helps. We have developed extensive diamond inventory tracking and decision support system, payroll system, financial accounting systems and other sophisticated software to enable your enterprise to excel.

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