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AccuSoft Enterprise - FAQs

  •   1. What are the system specifications of the softwares?

    Below are the Hardware and Software Requirements:

    Project: AccuSoft Enterprise

    End Users Pc Hardware Requirements
      Minimum Recommended
    RAM 2 GB 4 GB
    Clock Speed 3.0 GHz >3.1 GHz
    Processor Core i3 / i5 Core i3 / i5
    Hard Disk 160 GB
    End Users Software Requirements
    OS Windows-7 or Higner Version
    JAVA Run Time
  •   2 What are the unique features of Accusoft Enterprise?
    • • Automatic Response System - Chat Bot which will give information from system
    • • Easy Search Menu (Type and open)
    • • Document Upload functionality (In Master and Transaction)
    • • Auto Bank Reconciliation
    • • Mobile Application for MIS reports
    • • Reporting Tool
    • • GST - 9/GST - 2A
    • • Forward Contract Module
    • • Alerts for important messages on login
    • • Graphical Reports presentation
    • • Schedule - III (Format Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)
    • • Digital Signature integration in Document

  •   3 Can we integrate Accusoft Enterprise with Inventory Management ?
    • • Yes, we can integrate Accusoft with Inventory management.

  •   4 Your product is web base or windows base?
    • • Our product is web base. It is installed cloud server.

  •   5. What are the unique features of AccuSoftTM?

    Following are the several unique features of AccuSoftTM:

    • • Supports Financial Year as well as Calendar Year
    • • Asset Tracking System
    • • Data can be taken on an External Device
    • • Payroll Module
    • • Consolidation

  •   6. Can we integrate AccuSoftTM with HR function?

    Yes, we can integrate AccuSoftTM with HR function. In fact, there is a separate module of Payroll in AccuSoftTM. In this module, we can generate pay slips, calculate deductions, earnings, etc.

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