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Diasoft Enterprise - FAQs

  •   1. What are the system specifications of the softwares?

    Below are the Hardware and Software Requirements:

    Project: Diasoft Enterprise

    End Users Pc Hardware Requirements
      Minimum Recommended
    RAM 2 GB 4 GB
    Clock Speed 3.0 GHz >3.1 GHz
    Processor Core i3 / i5 Core i3 / i5
    Hard Disk 160 GB
    End Users Software Requirements
    OS Windows-7 or Higner Version
    .Net Framework 4.5
    Crystal Report Runtime 13.0.5
  •   2. What are the unique features of Diasoft?
    • • Supports Multi Company and Multi Branch.
    • • Support Single Stone + Bulk System
    • • Dynamic parameter master for Single stone
    • • Reports for past history of rough that helps to support purchase decision.
    • • Support multiple price list for comparison of single lot onto multiple price list.
    • • Packet tracking report with planning detail.
    • • Machine Maintenance information is provided.
    • • Labor Calculation

  •   3. Can we integrate SGI, Paysoft and Account software?
    • • Yes, we can integrate SGI, Paysoft and Account software.

  •   4. Can we integrate diamond weight scale?
    • • Yes , We can integrate diamond weight scale.

  •   5. Can we create dynamic company structure?
    • • Yes, We can create dynamic company structure.

  •   6. Is Auto mail send reports facility available?
    • • Yes, Auto mail sends report facility is available

  •   7. Can we integrate sarin advisor with Diasoft price list ?
    • • sarin advisor pricelist can be integrated with Diasoft price list.

  •   8. How can I improve my processing system through DiaSoftTM?

    DiaSoftTM is an inventory tracking cum Decision Support System. So, it simplifies the controlling of inventory level, and provides support for making critical decisions. The user interfaces are user friendly, the reporting is comprehensive thus the entire manufacturing management system is simplified through DiaSoftTM.

  •   9. What are the unique features of DiaSoftTM?

    Following are the two basic features of DiaSoftTM:

    • • Stock Tracking System – it includes features like Bar code based tracking, auto weight capturing, reconciliation, forward & backward tracking etc.
    • • Decision Support System – it includes features like employee performance measurement, forecasting/prediction, rapaport based grading, machine performance measurement etc.

  •   10. What is Rapaport?

    Rapaport is an organization which publishes a report on prices of the polished diamonds. These prices are based on various parameters like color, shape size, and purity. DiaSoftTM enables Rapaport wise grading based on the latest prices, which enhances the latest planning and grading efficiency by converging product output with the market demand. It re-enforces the classic economic thinking that the market is the best allocator of resources and bring efficiency by way of transparent price discovery.

  •   11. What is the use of Statistical Quality Control?

    Statistical Quality Control is an important tool available in DiaSoftTM, highlighting the various parameters such as Top Angle, Bottom Angle, etc. Because of this, we can control the quality of diamond.

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