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PaySoft - FAQs

  •   1. What are the system specifications of the softwares?

    Below are the Hardware and Software Requirements:

    Project: PaySoftTM

    End Users Pc Hardware Requirements
      Minimum Recommended
    RAM 2 GB
    Clock Speed 2.0 GHz >2.2 GHz
    Processor Core i3 / C2d Core i3 / C2d
    Hard Disk 80GB
    End Users Software Requirements
    OS Windows-XP / Windows-7
    Database Oracle Enterprise Edition 8i/
    D2K Developer 2000 6i Form/Report Runtime
  •   2. What are the unique features of PaySoftTM?

      Following are the several unique features of PaySoftTM:

    • • Interface with Financial Accounting Software
    • • Interface with Inventory Management Software (DiaSoftTM)
    • • Attendance porting using swipe cards
    • • Reminder Window
    • • ESS (Employee Self Service) module
    • • Leave Management
    • • Dynamic salary structure creation
    • • Multi state supported
    • • Strong Security
    • • Parallel Processing

  •   3. What is BPP compliant?

    BPP program has been designed by Diamond Trading Company (DTC) for its sight holders. BPP has been designed to promote higher consumer confidence in diamonds. The object is to demonstrate to the pipeline partners, suppliers, consumers and society in general that the production in diamonds has been made in a professional, ethical, environment friendly and accountable way. BPP compliant companies would be benefited in the international market of diamonds. Our PaySoftTM product addresses the labor laws requirements of BPP program. Hence, PaySoftTM has been classified as BPP Compliant.

  •   4. What are the applications of Biometrics?

    Biometrics is a system that stores the data of finger prints, eye color of the person. There are various applications of it. It can be used for attendance or data of workers.

  •   5. Is PaySoftTM flexible enough to incorporate changes as per the latest labor law and income tax requirements and also from time to time?

    Yes, PaySoftTM is flexible enough to incorporate changes from time to time. In master you can modify income tax slabs and Labor Law data whenever required.

  •   6. Is PaySoftTM flexible enough to incorporate different types wage categories in single solution?

    Yes, PaySoftTM is flexible enough to incorporate different types of wage categories in a single software likewise fix monthly gross, daily wages and even hoursly bases. We can select the category while creating master data of employee and which can be reviewed time to time also.

  •   7. Can we maintain stipend details and attendance register for apprentice along with all compliance related to it?

    Yes, PaySoftTM is able to maintain the details of apprentice based recruitments and able to generate required reports for the same. All the changes related to apprentice act maintained time to time.

  •   8. Company has revised the salary but it is effective after 3 months and need to generate arrears. Is PaySoftTM allow to do so?

    PaySoftTM carries arrear salary generation related provision as a default. And based on the revised salary structure the arrears can be generated by single button click.

  •   9. I want to incorporate my company policies for salary, incentives, attendance and leave. Can I get solution for this?

    Yes. PaySoftTM has been designed to adopt policies according to the practices done in company.

  •   10. I want to change the formats of Pay Slip and other reports which are given as default. Is PaySoftTM is flexible enough to change those reports as per my requirements?

    Yes. Reports can be customize as per the requirement.

  •   11. I want data of salary and employee master in Microsoft excel. Can I get it?

    Yes. PaySoftTM will give you export of employee master data and salary data in Microsoft excel which you can further use as per your requirement. Additionally PaySoftTM will give you the export of data for uploading in different portals as per-defined formats likewise salary data for upload in PF for ECR generation, for challan generation of ESIC and Form 24Q for TDS purpose.

  •   12. How can your software enhance our internal control system?

    Our software helps you in improving your internal control system through better control over Inventory Management System and other aspects in the organization. For example, in PaySoftTM, workers’ salary is based on fixed, variable, or fixed-variable. These aspects vary from company to company. PaySoftTM handles it very well. It will simplify company’s internal control system.

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