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About AccuSoft International

Accusoft International is a product that provides a platform to the user where he/she can maintain his/her diamond stock and can see accounts related solutions. Accusoft international is a desktop based application in which a company can make payment against purchase and can get receipt against the sales done with the facility to view the current stock. Journal voucher entry can also be done through the application. The software also facilitates the user to issue/return stock on memo to a party and the user can also take stock on memo, for observation, from a party. This application also includes all the necessary reports based on the different modules like Accounts, Purchase/sales and Certified Diamond purchase/sales.

Functions / Modules / Features

  •   • Multi Currency, Multi Company
    • o AccuSoft International supports Multiple Currencies
    • o Multiple users can access multiple companies simultaneously.

  •   • Supports Financial and Calendar Year

    Accounts can be maintained financial & calendar year wise through AccuSoft International. The user of the AccuSoft International can pass entries financial year wise except the closing entries required to be in calendar year.

  •   • Modules
    • o Accounts
    • o Inventory
    • o Certification

  •   • Security System

    AccuSoft International incorporates stringent multi level access controls thereby giving the management complete control over activities of each and every user access rights are password protected at various levels such as;

    • o Company level
    • o Menu level
    • o Form level
    • o Control level

  •   • Multi Currency

    AccuSoft International supports maintaining accounts in multiple currencies.

  •   • Account Merging across multiple companies

    AccuSoft International provides a unique feature of reporting wherein the cumulative status of multiple accounts across multiple companies can be viewed in a single report.

  •   • Other Features
    • o Merging House Party and Difference Account
    • o Merging Comparative Report
    • o Interest Calculation Report
    • o Stock evaluation based on User’s Selected Method
    • o Auto Backup and User Backup facility
    • o Data Storage on External Storage Media ( e.g. USB device )
    • o Ability to lock data yearly
    • o Maintaining user logs details
    • o Purchase Memo Issue - Return against Sales Memo Issue – Return
    • o PDC Check against Purchase and Sales Transactions
    • o Account merging across multiple companies
    • o Deposit Issue and Deposit Return against Purchase Memo

  •   • Functionalities related to Accounts
    • o Company Master ( For creating new company )
    • o Account Master ( For creating new Account / Ledgers )
    • o Party Master (For creating New Supplier and Customer)
    • o Group Head Master ( For Creating Account Group )
    • o Bank Account Master Currency Master
    • o Payment Transaction
    • o Receipt Transaction
    • o Journal Voucher
    • o Post Dated Cheque Transaction (Payment/Receipt)

  •   • Functionalities related to Inventory
    • o Diamond Group of CSSP Master
    • o CSSP Group Master
    • o CSSP Master
    • o CSSP rate Master
    • o Purchase Transaction
    • o Sales Transaction
    • o Diamond Inventory Transfer and adjustment
    • o Stock Method
    • o Reports

  •   • Functionalities related to Diamond
    • o Inward Certification – Certification diamond purchase transaction and certification directly data load in excel file.
    • o Update GIA Results – Certification diamond purchase detail with updating certified laboratories result parameters
    • o Compare Certification Results – Compares estimated diamond parameters with certified laboratories result parameters.

  •   • Reports
    • o Diamond certification inward detail / summary
    • o Diamond certification comparison with purchase against grading result
    • o Diamond certification sales details Diamond certification stock

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