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About EduSoft

Lemon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers “EduSoft”, complete school management software that is exactly made to serve the school management system in today’s era. EduSoft is more than just another technology solution; it is an educational system that covers major entities of school and eventually improves the way in which the school is managed. It is based on .Net Framework 3.5 and SQL 2008. Apart from several modules, Lemon have incorporated a unique module for the same, called as the Students Operation Module(SOM) which is specially designed to integrate interaction between students, parents and teachers that makes EduSoft define education in a new way.

In a nutshell it is an interactive platform for all the entities of school such as Teachers, Management, Finance dept, HR, Transportation, Students, Parents, Library, etc.

Functions / Modules / Features

  •   • Module
    • o Admin
    • o Admission
    • o Fee
    • o Transportation
    • o Create & Manage Board, Program, Sub-Program, Grade, Stream, Sections
    • o SOM-Students Operation Module
    • o Online Document Management
    • o Library Management System
    • o Attendance Management System(Staff)
    • o Account Management
    • o Payroll Management System
    • o Internal Chat System
    • o Asset Management System

  •   • Admin Module
    • o Manage Functioning of Branches located in different city, state.
    • o Works on Academic Year.
    • o User Rights & Roles based on User Defined Categories.
    • o Comprehensive Group Management (Permanent/Temporary).
    • o Create & Manage Board, Program, Sub-Program, Grade, Stream, Sections.
    • o Manage students information
    • o Manage staff / vendors and other users with contact information
    • o Comprehensive user rights management system
    • o Time table management
    • o Class room management

  •   • School Branch and Academic year Management
  •   • Category Master
  •   • Permanent Group Relation
  •   • User Master Screen
  •   • Assign Right to Role
  •   • Admission
    • o Online Inquiry Management
    • o Online/Offline Admission Management
    • o Checklist Management: Utility to ensure receipt of proof.
    • o Workshop Management - Pre Admission
    • o Parents/Student Interaction Management
    • o Auto SMS & Email to Parents.

  •   • Admission Inquiry
  •   • Set Grade Timings
  •   • Room Master Screen
  •   • Admission Grade Master
  •   • Setup Admission Round
  •   • Inquiry Details
  •   • Admission List Details
  •   • Fees
    • o User Defined Fee Structure management
    • o User Defined Fees Payment Mode & Due Date
    • o Comprehensive Discount Management System
    • o Late Fee Management
    • o Interest Calculation on Late Fees with User Defined Management

  •   • Transportation
    • o Transportation route Management with distance
    • o Proposed route finalization along with following vehicle details
    • o Basic Vehicle information
    • o Free service log
    • o Paid service log
    • o Other important information (RTO Passing, RTO Tax, Fitness Certificate, PUC Info, Tem Permit, Bus Insurance)
    • o Manage Fuel consumption & refill
    • o Travelling Log Management
    • o Manage allocation of staff for each vehicle, each route i.e. helper, driver, teacher
    • o Manage the student pickup/drop off with different stops
    • o Manage the student/staff transfer for temporary or permanent basis to another route/vehicle
    • o Manage Student/Staff Pick up and Drop off log

  •   • Student Operation Module
    • o Manage Student details
    • o Manage previous education details, family details, Sibling details, transportation stop details of the students
    • o Allocate students to grades, sections and houses
    • o Transfer students from one academic year to another academic year or within the same academic year

Contact :-
For Surat, For Mumbai,
Mr. Salim Panjwani, Mr. Murli Mohan,
Cell: +91 80008 28499 Cell: +91 98206 69548
Mr. Bhavin Tailor, Cell: +91 90992 08000
Cell: +91 99248 94394
Phone: +91-261-2299611

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