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HRMS- HR Management Software

About HRMS

Lemon Technologies offers you HRMS, a web based user-friendly accessible system for the complete automation of Leave Management, Project Management along with Task Management and to ensure that every task is complete in time.

HRMS is a comprehensive, flexible and robust system that can handle the complex attendance calculations, Leave Management etc. as and when required. Whatever be the size or type of your business, either manufacturing, service or trading, HRMS can easily be configured to meet your requirements perfectly with the help of its built-in tools.

HRMS help your organisation to form an well reputed organisation structure by maintaining hierarchy of employees and head.


We would like to describe our people and our work place in simple terms. People management practices to create a fun environment, distinguish us among other technology companies, enabling Lemon Technologies to excel and innovate in what we do for our clients and in what we stand for as a company.

As a dynamic and fast growing company, this excellence extends beyond technology roles, and is equally important to how we manage and sustain this rapid growth. The spirit of innovation and excellence is most evident in how we build and manage our physical, technology, or people infrastructure — or in what we do for our financial, marketing, and quality practices.

Our team of developers, rather “HRMS experts” as we would like to call them, have single mindedly focused on developing, innovating and using the best practices in the business in creating HRMS. With 5+ years of experience in human resource management we can confidently claim there is no alternative for HRMS.

HRMS is an extremely interactive and flexible system that covers all your organizational and MIS needs as well as statutory obligations.

HRMS is a complete solution handling any kind of upcoming payroll requirement and can be easily integrated with any payroll management solution.

HRMS has been written in forth generation language of PL/SQL and we have chosen Devloper2000 6i as a Front End and Oracle 8i / 9i as Back End.

Functions / Modules / Features

  •   • Open Ended
    • o Multi Company format with no restrictions.
    • o No restriction on number of employees, grades, branch, department etc.
    • o Complete Organisation Chart can be feeded into the system with rights at each level.
    • o Leave Management as per Company Policy can be configured into the system.
    • o Attendance Details can be directly in sync with the biometric devices which can be forwarded to Payroll department for further processing.
    • o Holiday List, News and Announcement can be shared with the employees with the Help of Dashboard.
    • o Travel requisition module is available.
    • o Integrated with Recruitment and training system.
    • o Allows creation of various leave structures for various groups of employees with different rules.
    • o Ability to take care of deduction against loans and advances as well as loss intermediate recovery.
    • o Ability to classify employee’s branch/department/grade wise.
    • o Handles employee exit formalities.
    • o Handles monthly/daily rated employees.
    • o Fully integrated to maintain Personnel & HR needs as unlimited user defined fields can be created to capture detailed employee information along with scanned photograph.
    • o Allows creation of employee groups based on any parameter such as grade, department, gross salary, attendance, etc.
    • o Able to integrate with In/Out External software via link.

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For Surat, For Mumbai,
Mr. Salim Panjwani, Mr. Murli Mohan,
Cell: +91 80008 28499 Cell: +91 98206 69548
Mr. Bhavin Tailor, Cell: +91 90992 08000
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Phone: +91-261-2299611

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Our vision is to offer innovative and creative software solutions for the beneficiation of our customers worldwide such that our solutions enable them to transform the way in which they do business.

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Our mission is to deliver excellence in all our services to enable our esteem customers to excel in their own businesses. We do this by providing value-added solutions leveraging our vast domain knowledge, blending of IT with various business domains, specialized multi disciplinary skills and international professional expertise.