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Time Tracking – Attendance Software

About Time Tracking – Attendance Software

Time Tracking – Attendance System is a user-friendly, flexible and full featured attendance management tool which allows controlling employees’ attendance by automating timekeeping and attendance tracking. It can be directly linked with the Payroll Application for automatically calculating employees’ worked hours and wages for a custom time period.

Functions / Modules / Features

  • • Provides a single point of time and attendance data gathering for the whole organization
  • • Maintains the history data for number of departments & shifts changed
  • • Along with employee Information, it stores the database for family background, education, past experience, etc.
  • • Maintains employee information department and sub-department wise
  • • Auto e-Mailing configured reports
  • • Shift allocation for multiple employees
  • • Enables timely reporting of labor
  • • Accepts data from multiple sources such as the gate access controls
  • • Prevents buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping records
  • • User level security for forms & transactions
  • • Easy export of reports to PDF, HTML File format.

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For Surat, For Mumbai,
Mr. Gaurav Kapadia, Mr. Murli Mohan,
Cell: +91 94264 79450 Cell: +91 98206 69548
Cell: +91 90992 08000

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